Node Status


as of 2020-6-3 20:01:01 UTC

Live Stake
2619 ₳

Time Spent in State

Server Container Events

Docker Swarm manages the container the jormungandr node runs on. Due to network instability (it's a testnet after all!), the node can get stuck. A separate process monitors the nodes stats and kills the container if lastBlockDate is unchanged after 15 minutes.

This timeline is a record of Docker container events. Each kill corresponds to the container being killed due to the aforementioned instability.

Server Resource Usage

Recent resource utililization of Digital Ocean Droplet running jormungandr node

Node Status

result of running jormungandr network stats command:
$ jcli rest v0 node stats get --host

  "blockRecvCnt": "453",
  "lastBlockContentSize": "0",
  "lastBlockDate": "173.1398",
  "lastBlockFees": "0",
  "lastBlockHash": "9d01a1ce914b362d3146770e069e3ead5b8a3f673ee7a7c9d6442dd0692e235a",
  "lastBlockHeight": "630918",
  "lastBlockSum": "0",
  "lastBlockTime": "2020-06-03T20",
  "lastBlockTx": "0",
  "lastReceivedBlockTime": "2020-06-03T20",
  "nodeId": "b31b8aef075739f47ab0347b36408993327dee9878a41233",
  "peerAvailableCnt": "9700",
  "peerConnectedCnt": "16",
  "peerQuarantinedCnt": "454",
  "peerTotalCnt": "10240",
  "peerUnreachableCnt": "86",
  "state": "Running",
  "txRecvCnt": "23",
  "uptime": "8979",
  "version": "jormungandr 0.8.18-690eb547"